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About us

Moni and Nicolai as shown on the picture on the left are married and will be your hosts on the available boats. Both are Dutch and in their 40's and very adventurous.

They love to share a boat experience, so they hope to welcome you aboard soon on one of their ships.

Moni van Hoek has lived in many countries, working for big Dutch tour operators for over 16 years, and has a lot of experience as a representative/guide working in Greece, Spain, Bali and Mexico. Besides that she owned her own restaurant and video company and 
she is always ready to standby with information and delicious foods and drinks. Besides Dutch, Moni speaks also Spanish, English, Greek and German.

A few years ago she returned to her roots in the Netherlands and currently she has her own company and works as a production manager mostly for TV and events.

Nicolai Visser is always busy with his boats. His life is all about boats. After traveling a few years around the world back in the Netherlands he looked for a house with the feeling of ‘freedom’ and he found his perfect match in the Netherlands on a house boat; by that time not popular at all, but nowadays very wanted !

Nowadays he is owner of 2 house boats and a beautiful  classic 23 meters sailing ship that is up for charter.

Besides that he has a job where he is responsible for a number of watersports websites, magazines and a TV show.